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Join the theme travel tour, a tribal tour, and experience a lifestyle close to the nature while you are on a tribal tour of India. India is home to many indigenous tribes that even today retain their ancient customs and traditions and live lives that is directly associated with their natural surroundings.

Right from the customs and traditions, lifestyle, food habits or the way of earning bread and butter; all the components comprising the schedule of the tribal people hold certain importance in their lives. The Indian tribal tour makes you aware of the matrimonial customs that are quite broad minded and follow the pattern of ‘Gandharva Vivah’ which according to Indian scriptures advocates elopement of the bride by the groom before marriage.

Tribal communities in Rajasthan and Gujarat such as the Lambadas are known for their colourful attire, embroidered by hand and decorated with mirrors. They are also skilled silver smiths and wear intricate necklaces, anklets and bracelets of silver, made in their traditional tribal style.

North Eastern India, the seven sisters, have many diverse tribes. Each state is made up of a number of tribes, each with their own distinctive culture, language, handwoven dress and handicrafts. Some of the prominent tribal communities include Nagas (who consist of many individual tribes), Khasis, Jaintias, Mizos, Boros, and Cacharis. The tribal people of the north east of India are known for their traditional songs and dances, their colourful handmade clothing and intricately woven bamboo handicrafts.

Central India has many tribal communities including Santhals and the tribals of Bastar, known for their traditional dance where they wear bullhorns and an oyster and shells mask as the accessories on their heads.

Southern India also has many tribal people, including the Todas of the Nilgiri hills, known for their pastoral way of life and their hand woven clothing.

Come and explore the aboriginal tribal cultures to discover the indigenous people of India on an Indian Tribal tour.

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