Adventure Tours India

Unexplored for many, India is an ideal destination for adventure. Its geographical, climatic and social diversity and the natural color enable all tastes to be catered for people of all taste. From the daunting Himalayan peaks in the North to the azure coasts areas in the South, from the rain forests of the North East to the coral reefs in the South-West, it is variety that is as impressive as it is diverse nature.

Experience the thrill of ski diving or trekking and pedaling the daunting mountain slopes or rafting over the roaring water of great rivers or hanging up gliding over deep mountain gorges and climbing the serrated glaciers or mountain summits. Then there is the euphoria of scuba diving along the coral reefs, floating on hot air balloons, ambling along deserts of camels or going on horse or elephant safaris-all to be experienced in the land of peace.

And, to remind, these adventures and this peace form just a tiny part of the effervescence and excitement of the fast growing areas which are increasingly being recognized as adventure tourism.

Adventure is as exciting and invigorating as you make it .The Himalayas and the never ending coasts make India exact place for adventuresome and audacious tourists by providing a remarkable experience for all those who fancy the wild and want to see how man and nature have flourished together. As you rediscover yourself from the spell of ancient monasteries and temples, the Himalayan peaks and slopes, with its dense tropical forests providing diverse fauna and flora, and the 3000 km long coastline promises the most exciting of sports and adventure imaginable .

In summer if the northern states are on focus for their pleasant weather and invigorating air, in summer it is the 3000 km long coastline which attracts the adventurers. And, mind you, both these locations have their attractions in the other seasons as well. If Goa displays its charms in the winter months, during the rains it unfolds its magic, with its rivers brimming with fish and green turf running all the way from the hill tops to the rice fields.

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